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A path of services in the construction and maintenance of sports spaces

Civideportes Construcciones Civiles y Deportivas is a company established since 1971 dedicated to the construction of sports scenarios of the highest quality and with the best certifications of sports federations among which are FIFA, ITF, RUGBY, IAAF, HOCKEY.

We also represent in Colombia the most prestigious brands in the construction world of sports such as CCGRASS, PORT PLASTIC, SPORT MASTER, COMPOSAN, LAUSIN AND VICENTE, among others.

We supply sports and maintenance elements such as tennis nets, demarcation lines, super synthetic line cleaner, clay, plastic bristle brushes, synthetic coating material, beach sand for beach volleyball courts, synthetic grass for football, crawler fences and metal structures for sports fields.

Our trajectory is the best guarantee of quality, compliance, and innovation, but we also work with insurance coverage and compliance policies for our own clients´ sake and benefit.


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